Savvy Business Tips: A Closer Look At Why Your Marketing Campaigns May Be Failing

Joe GalottiApril 29th, 2021

Welcome to a new edition of Savvy Business Tips, a monthly blog series in which we update you on the latest news surrounding our company, and give you insider tips on how to make the most out of a phone answering service.

So here’s the deal. We have no idea if your company’s current marketing campaigns are ineffective. And unless your business is answering it’s phones 24/7, neither do you.

What do we mean by this? Well today, your only chance at winning over a new lead is answering their first call live. If you let a new prospect reach your voicemail, the odds of them hiring you become extremely low. 

So even if someone really connects with the marketing you put forth, their interest in your business could fade instantly if no one is around to pick up the phone when they first reach out to your company. Modern consumers want instant answers to their problems, and if you’re not around to offer an immediate response, anything else your business can provide almost becomes irrelevant.  

Before changing course on your current advertising campaigns—campaigns that you’ve probably invested a lot of time and money into—we strongly encourage you to read the rest of this post. We’ll let you know how to shore up the leading capturing side of your business, so that your marketing efforts are always given the best chance to succeed. 

Why Isn’t Your Voicemail Getting The Job Done? 

New technological advances have made it incredibly easy for consumers to find businesses to work with. Literally all they have to do is take out their smartphone, tablet or laptop and do a Google search, and they’ll be given pages of results for companies that can help in their area. 

All of this new tech has made waiting on voicemail seem like a much less appealing option. Why leave a message and hope for a call back within a few hours, when you can just move on to contacting another company that has someone ready to speak with you now. We know this may seem incredibly unfair to growing companies that have a lot more on their plate to deal with than answering phones, but it’s a reality that all business owners must accept. 

Getting Payoff On Your Marketing Investments

Clicks and engagements are nice, but the reason you dedicate so much of your time and resources to marketing is to bring in more customers. And the only way to ensure that your business has the chance to capture 100% of its new leads is by getting set up with a 24/7 phone answering service like Ring Savvy. 

You and your staff aren’t going to be able to pick up the phone 24/7, and even if you could, what kind of life is that? Ring Savvy’s highly trained virtual receptionist team is around to pick up calls literally anytime you can’t (or don’t really feel like it). We’ll make sure that the new leads generated by your marketing always get to speak with a live person on their first call in to your company, and are never directed to your voicemail. 

Our virtual receptionist will immediately begin to build a connection with your prospective customers by offering them a warm greeting and letting them know they’ve reached a business that’s ready to help. They will then begin collecting your new lead’s information via the new customer intake process. Once a consumer goes through this process, they’ll be much more inclined to continue on with using your company, even if you aren’t immediately available to get on the phone yourself.  

After our receptionist collects your new lead’s personal details and info about their reason for contacting your company, you’ll be notified of the new customer opportunity and will have the chance to act fast in capturing their business. We can either reach out to you for a live call transfer opportunity, or send you a message after the call concludes with the full details of everything that was covered.  

Will Using Ring Savvy Solve All Your Marketing Woes? 

Our virtual receptionist team will not be able to correct a poor marketing campaign. What our phone answering service will do is make it easier to turn interested leads into paying customers. So if your marketing campaign generates 24 call-ins to your business, our service will give you a good chance at capturing all 24 of those leads. Without 24/7 phone coverage from our team, you could end up missing half of those call-ins or even more. 

Now like we said at the very beginning of this post, we have no idea if your company’s marketing campaigns are ineffective. They very well could be. Advertising in the digital age is after all pretty challenging. But, with Ring Savvy in place you’ll always have a much clearer picture of whether you need to alter your marketing strategies. If you aren’t getting many new customers, you’ll know that lead capturing isn’t the issue, and that you’re simply not generating enough calls or are connecting with the wrong audience.

Having more information is always a good thing, and the knowledge of whether or not your marketing is actually working will allow your company to make faster decisions, and more importantly, the right decisions for its future. 

That’s all for this month’s Savvy Business Tips column. We’ll see you in May for another inside look at our company. To get started with a 7-day free trial of Ring Savvy, fill out this form or give us a call at 631-363-1000. 

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