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Sign Up For Our Service Now And Get 400 Minutes Free

Joe GalottiJanuary 5th, 2022

Every new year brings new opportunities for your business, and we have a pretty great opportunity to share with you today. For a limited time only, any business that gets started with Ring Savvy, will receive 400 free minutes of our service.

What this means is you’ll get an extended window (twice as long as our usual free trial offer) to test out our service, and see our highly trained virtual receptionist team in action. There are no contracts to sign, so this offer is truly risk free.

Getting started with your 400 minute free trial is easy!

Step 1: Click here to book a time for a brief onboarding call with one of our customer success representatives.

Step 2: During your onboarding call, answer a few questions about your company and how you would like your calls handled by our receptionist team.

Step 3: Begin your free trial, and enjoy a less stressful working life, knowing that any call you can’t get to will be answered live by a highly trained receptionist.

Want an inside look at the Ring Savvy experience? Check out this video, featuring New York fence company owner Joe Fischer.

Why do home service and field service business owners love using Ring Savvy?

  • We’re a 24/7 service, and always have a highly qualified receptionist ready to speak with a company’s callers. This includes overnights, weekends and national holidays.
  • We give business owners full control over how their incoming calls get forwarded and transferred. For example, if you want all of your company’s calls forwarded to our service for an entire week, we can easily accommodate.
  • When a potential customer calls into your business for the first time, you can trust our receptionists to greet them in a warm fashion, and expertly take them through the new customer intake process. You’ll even get the chance to personalize the intake questions we ask your new leads.
  • Anytime one of our receptionists retrieves a message or new intake information from one of your callers, we’ll send that message to you in both text and email form. This allows business owners to keep track of new customer opportunities, while not having to get involved in lengthy phone calls during their time off. If an urgent situation presents itself, you’ll always know, and can jump into action.
  • Our receptionists will make sure your callers feel cared for and attended to, answering common FAQs about your company, and giving them the chance to book an appointment to speak with you.

Still have questions about what it’s like to use our service or how your 400 minute free trial will work? Book a 15 minute discovery call now, and one of our customer success reps will tell you everything you need to know.