Three Things To Know About Using A Roofing Answering Service

Joe GalottiApril 15th, 2021

So you say that your roofing company does better work than any other in its area, huh? And that your crew is extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable. Well sadly, it’s possible for all of this to be true and still not see your business grow. 

Once your new leads become customers, they’ll care greatly about the job performance and customer service you provide them with. But when reaching out to your company for the first time, it will be their over-the-phone experience that actually determines whether or not they want to move forward with hiring you. Leave a caller with the wrong first impression, and those new leads you’ve worked so hard to cultivate will quickly move on to calling your competitors for their roofing needs.  

In order for your business to have consistent lead capturing success, and reach its maximum growth potential. you’ll need the help of a quality roofing answering service. Below, we’ll share three things roofers should know about working with the Ring Savvy virtual receptionist team.

1- We’ll Make Sure Your Phones Never Go Unanswered

Managing a roofing crew means most of your days won’t be spent behind a desk. Your working hours will largely be spent driving to different locations, talking customers through various issues and of course up on top of a house. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for answering incoming phone calls for your company. 

This can be a big problem for growing businesses, as not answering a new lead’s first call usually means missing out on them becoming a customer. Consumers these days have endless options for home repair assistance, and finding help elsewhere is as simple as doing a Google search on their smartphones. So don’t expect many of your new leads to leave a message with your voicemail, and patiently wait for your call back. 

Attending to customers in front of you and being available to speak with new leads can be a tricky balancing act. Ring Savvy will be able to greatly simplify things for your business, as we’ll provide you with 24/7 live phone answering coverage. Anytime you and your staff are too busy to pick up an incoming call, you’ll never have to stress, because one of our highly trained virtual receptionists will be there to speak with your new leads in real time. Our receptionists will let your callers know that your company respects their time and that you’re 100% ready to work with them.

2- Our Receptionist Team Makes Capturing New Leads A Breeze

We know roofing can be exhausting work, and when you're finished with your day, you likely won’t have much energy left in the tank. Fortunately for those using Ring Savvy, our virtual receptionists make getting future jobs on the books an incredibly easy process. 

Here’s how simple capturing new customers can be with Ring Savvy

Step 1: Let our virtual receptionist team pick up calls from new leads on your behalf. They’ll be there to pick up the phone at any time.  

Step 2: Our receptionist will take your first-time caller through the new customer intake process, and collect all of the information you’ll need in order to assist them at a later time. This includes the caller’s contact information, as well as details about their job request. 

Step 3: Our receptionist will send you text and email messages, which will include a full breakdown of all the information collected from your new lead. Instead of having to answer every call, you can monitor new customer opportunities by simply checking in with your smartphone during your downtime.     

All of our virtual receptionists go through extensive phone etiquette and customer intake training before being allowed to answer calls on behalf of real businesses. You can always feel confident in their ability to make the best possible first impression on your prospective customers, and keep new leads interested in working with your company. 

3- We Can Help Manage Your Calendar Too

In addition to handling your phone answering, message taking and customer intake, you’ll also have the option to let our receptionists book appointments with your new leads. Our roofing answering service is able to easily integrate with most calendaring softwares, and if you’d like, we’ll be able to schedule new appointments with your callers directly into your digital work calendar. 

Scheduling future appointments with customers can be time consuming work, that in almost all cases can easily be handled by an experienced receptionist. Let our team work with the caller to figure out which time works best for both sides, and patiently wait for them to check their calendar to see if they have something going on that morning. When we’re finished, we’ll notify you of your new booking via text and email message. 

Putting this process in place means less time on the phone for you, which is always a positive. Your new leads will also be thrilled to have the opportunity to lock in their next conversation with your business. Doing so will make them feel more comfortable about moving forward with your company, and less inclined to explore other options.  

Allow your business to be the best it can possibly be, and get started with a roofing answering service today. 7-day free trials are now available, so sign up here or give us a call at 631-363-1000.